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Guidance For The Probate Legal Process

After a loved one passes away – with or without a last will and testament – their estate may have to pass through a court-supervised process known as probate. This process validates the decedent’s Will and handles the affairs of the estate in matters such as paying the decedent’s creditors, filing a final tax return, preserving their assets and distributing assets according to the decedent’s last will and testament or pursuant to the Laws of Intestacy.

At Corliss Law Group, P.C., our probate attorneys in Westchester County can guide you through the probate process. Depending upon factors such as how organized or complex a loved one’s estate is, probate may not be as straightforward as you expected. That’s when our Westchester County probate attorneys can offer the legal knowledge and skill it takes to free you of any snags you encounter along the way.

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Why You May Need A Probate Lawyer

Having a probate lawyer represent you during this time can help you ensure your rights as a beneficiary or duties as a trust administrator are being carried out according to the law. The government’s involvement in the distribution and closing of a loved one’s estate is a very real and serious matter.

If you are uncertain about how to account for an estate’s assets, whether you must notify creditors to the estate, or how to file documents with the court, you would probably be well-advised to have a legal representative walk you through this sensitive process. It may be that you were named in the will to probate the estate, but you have little experience in handling finances – let alone those of this magnitude.

Rest assured that our attorneys are capable of handling complicated probate matters for an estate of any size and level of complexity; if an estate was left with poor records, our probate attorneys can help you track down and organize everything you need to complete the probate process and related tasks of estate and trust administration.

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