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What Our Clients Say

Corliss Law Group has been invaluable to my family and helped us through some tricky issues. Marie and her team have been extremely competent and responsive. They listened to our issues and suggested the best solutions. The compassion shown by them has also been greatly appreciated. As I consider it very fortunate that I was referred to Corliss Law Group, I enthusiastically recommend them!
– R.D.

Singularly one of the nicest persons I’ve ever met. Extremely professional and nice!
– Chris P.

My husband and I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed working with you. It was a very pleasant experience to work our way through everything with your guidance and expertise. Thank you for all your help and making it so easy for us.
– Bonnie R.

The Corliss Law Group are dedicated to their clients’ needs. They are professional, highly organized, extremely reliable, dependable and responsive to all questions or concerns a client might have. It is a pleasure to work with Marie Corliss and her staff. We were referred to use The Corliss Law Group by a friend. We were interested in creating a Irrevocable Trust, Family Trust, etc.. It was the best decision we made. We, in turn, have referred their services to others, who are extremely happy with their professional skills and knowledge. I would rate the Corliss Law Group a 10+.
– Barbara D.

Marie Corliss is a phenomenal attorney with great expertise in her field. She worked on my mother’s estate and showed great compassion in working with our family at such a difficult time. She also prepared the special needs trust for my nephew. She has an amazing knowledge of the law and the ability to work with anyone. Her bill was also reasonable, something I have not seen in my other experiences with attorneys. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to be treated like a person and not just like a client.
– Client

I find Marie Corliss to be an ethical, kind, knowledgeable, compassionate, and honest attorney. She has been working for our family on a difficult co-executor estate case, with absolutely no cooperation from one co-executor. Her efforts, though difficult, have been much appreciated.
– Bud

Marie is very knowledgeable in her field. Although our needs were simple, she provided us with better options. She handled my father’s estate planning needs that were not as simple. I would highly recommend her. She really cares about what is best for her clients.
– Maryanne

Marie Corliss is an extremely capable attorney with excellent comprehension of the letter of the law. She is compassionate and caring of her clients needs, fully explains every step of the process as well as what should be considered to help her clients make the best possible decisions. If you are looking for an honest, knowledgeable attorney that believes in doing what is right, Marie Corliss is an excellent choice! Even under the most difficult of circumstances, Marie Corliss is the consummate professional.
– Thomas

Attorney Corliss is hard working. She is also honest, proficient, reliable, and courteous. She explains legal-eze so that you can understand it. She does not give up, even in the toughest cases. This is an attorney you want on your side. I would have no hesitation recommending her to anyone.
– Melinda

Marie has been wonderful helping me get my mother on community medicaid. She is very knowledgeable in that area. She is very responsive and easy to reach. I would highly recommend her.
– Linda

Marie Corliss is excellent. We worked with her to complete Living Wills, Health Care Proxies, Powers of Attorney, Trusts, and Last Wills & Testaments in 2019 and 2020. She walked us through every document and explained our options, helping us understand all of the considerations at each step along the way. Marie had the patience to help us analyze the hardest decisions and showed incredible compassion at the most emotional points of our discussions. She has an intense understanding of the intricate legal and financial considerations which enabled us to complete these essential documents. We feel incredibly relaxed that we have these documents in place for ourselves and so that our children are not left guessing or in disarray when the time comes to apply these important papers — and we owe it to Marie for enabling this so professionally.
– Karen S.

All questions were answered in a manner that helped us understand estate planning and the power of the trust. They made it comfortable for us to ask questions.
– Mary W.

The Corliss Law Group is no ordinary legal practice. This is a group of caring and compassionate individuals working to provide the client with expertise and desired results. The professionalism of the group, led by the incomparable Marie Corliss, Esq. creates a certain trust that very few practices ever attain. Allow Marie, and the Corliss Group to handle your affairs and your concerns will be quickly alleviated.

Communication with the law group is very easy, as the staff is attentive to efficiency, and timeliness. The legal team proved their knowledge and dedication to their profession through each step of a complicated legal process. On numerous occasions Marie made herself available outside of normal business hours, making it very convenient to address certain issues and complete the needed legal hurdles in a timely fashion.

I have referred several friends and family members to Corliss Law Group because I know that Marie will take care of their needs as she did those of my family.

I can not imagine a more thorough, detail oriented, and trusted Law group . Thank you for all of your help, guidance, and efforts.
– Joseph R.

Very professional and thorough. It was a pleasure to deal with your group.
– Former Client

Marie Corilss was a God-send….my father-in-law was in a long term care facility and we had no knowledge of how to procede. She successfully helped us prepare for the financial part of his care. Her dedication to elder care is admirable. She then prepared wills and all the other appropriate documents for my husband and I. We had put this off for years, avoiding the inevitable. Her easy and caring manner made us feel comfortable and this, along with her wealth of knowledge made the process much less painfull.
– Marianne

The Corliss Law Group returned calls promptly and answered all of our questions.
– Karen C.

I highly recommend the Corliss Law Group if you are looking for someone to help with Estate Planning & Administration, Medicaid guidance, Wills and Trusts or for any Probate issues you may be facing.

The Corliss Law Group helped my 89 year old mother set up an Irrevocable Trust back in 2013. They worked closely with her, helping her to understand the nature of the Trust and walked her through each detail ensuring she completely understood how an Irrevocable Trust worked. They are experts in Elder Law. They also recently helped me close out this same Trust after my mother passed away at the end of December 2020. Everyone at the Corliss firm is very professional, knowledgeable, responsive and helpful. They ensured I understood what needed to be done, how to do it and when, as well as providing hands-on assistance when I needed it. I highly recommend the Corliss Law Group if you are looking for someone to help with Estate Planning & Administration, Medicaid guidance, Wills and Trusts or for any Probate issues you may be facing.

– Nancy L.

Excellent communication and they returned calls and answered questions immediately. Marie Corliss explained everything in detail and we trusted her judgement in everything we did. She is an excellent lawyer and has an excellent team working with her. I certainly would recommend the Corliss Law Group to friends and relatives. I already recommended Marie Corliss to my sister and brother-in-law, I think she is excellent!

– Barbara D.

I have worked with Marie Corliss for over 8 years in the healthcare industry. She has proven to be a very responsive and compentent attorney. My experience with Marie includes guardianships, medicaid applications and power of attorney. Marie is very knowledgeable and spends the time so that you have a total understanding. I would not hesitate to recommend Marie and in fact have recommended her numerous times. Everyone who has gone to Marie upon my recommendation has been extremely happy working with her and have come back to thank me for the recommendation. Anyone who needs an experienced attorney in the field of eldercare should definitely call Marie, they won’t be disappointed.
– Former Client

The Corliss Law Group has been helping my family with estate planning. I am impressed by the patient, clear communications that we have received. Ms. Corliss listens carefully and provides the information, context, and advice necessary to put an appropriate plan in place. We have learned so much. Most importantly, we have gained understanding and confidence in our decisions as we move forward with the estate planning process.
– Kathleen D.

Corliss Law is the premier estate legal firm in Westchester County. Their knowledge, experience and compassion for their clients is without peer. My engagement with Corliss Law began early in 2016 driven by a health crisis with my father. He and my mother had done no estate or healthcare planning despite encouragement from my older brother and me. I researched law firms in Westchester and surrounding counties to identify a firm with the breadth of experience and the compassion to work with a family in the middle of a healthcare crisis. After reviewing the possibilities and a follow up conversation with Marie Corliss, I was thoroughly impressed with her and her team’s desire and commitment to helping my family. After a clear discussion about expectations, desired outcomes and fees, Marie and her team quickly developed a suitable legal framework to ensure ongoing healthcare decision making and estate planning. Additionally, they assisted completing my parents? MEDICAID application and followed through until it was approved. From 2016 until mid-2020, the Corliss teams thought leadership, experience, clear communication, flexibility and compassion were instrumental in making my parents? last years as comfortable and worry free as possible. After my mothers death in 2017 and my fathers death in late 2019, the Corliss team helped with closing out their estate, If you are looking for a dedicated estate planning team who will offer cost-effective solutions tailored for your specific needs, please include Corliss Law in your list of potential legal partners. You will not be disappointed!
– Brian D.

Everyone was helpful and accomodating, even when we had to re-draft the trust. The explanations were clear. They were very personable and patient. Everything was done in a timely manner. I have already referred you to Neal & Bonnie R.
– Deborah B.

I would like to thank you for the respectable way you handled my son’s and grandson’s death wishes in the will. You made a very difficult situation much easier.
– Former Client

My family has been a client of Marie’s for over ten years. She handled the estate planning process for both my mother and father, together with the settlement of their respective estates. She handled the Medicaid application for my aunt and the settlement of the Trust upon her death. She has handled real estate transactions for me, together with the incorporation of my own small business. In all cases, I have been very satisfied with her services. Marie is tenacious in solving client issues, working long hours to complete a case. She is very approachable and has a very friendly way of dealing with clients. She is very knowledgeable in her field of specialty, with a tremendous resource base in related fields such as taxation. Her explanations, advice and directives are clear and concise. But most important is her trustworthiness. Such a statement on my behalf is not simply the utterance of a platitude. Were I not to believe in her honesty, I would not have named her co-executor for my own Last Will. I would strongly recommend her for Elder Care planning. Bottom line, she gets the results. I strongly recommend.
– Michael

Marie was referred to me thru the long term health care facility we are considering for our family member. She literally has the experience & knowledge of the elder care process, inclusive of all the pros & cons… such valuable information. Definitely contact this Law Group.
– Karen P.

I came to Marie Corliss needing a competent and caring attorney to organize what I wanted to accomplish with a complex Will and an emotionally challenging Special Needs Trust. When these documents were completed I knew that because of her experience, creativity and empathy, I was able to accomplish these goals. Marie listened with respect to my many questions and answered each one with a clear response. Her fees have been more than reasonable and I always felt that she had my best interests at heart. I truly owe her my peace of mind.
– Helen

An outstanding lawyer and adviser for senior issues, Marie has written several documents for me including 2 wills and a name change. She is patient, focused, well prepared and I feel very grateful for her professional services.
– Former Client

I looked for an Elder Care attorney because my mother has Dementia and I thought my parents should have an Estate Plan. Marie was working with them when my father got ill and passed away. I was devasted and didn’t know what to do. Thank God for Marie! She changed her course of action and worked closely with me on all the legal matters. She got my mother on Medicaid and handled my father’s estate for a very affordable fee . She also answered all my little questions in terms I could understand, making me feel very comfortable talking to her. I would highly recommend Marie. She is very professional, exremely knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly. She was my angel during a very difficult time for me.
– Margaret

Marie Corliss is an expert in Elder Law highly recommended by a friend of mine running for a city Council position. I look forward to working with her again in the future.
– Adaline S.

I could not say enough about Corliss law group, Marie and her team are the best. Very professional, and they do an amazing job.
– Jack C.

Kind, Competent, Compassionate, and Fair is the best way to describe Marie. When I first met her, my Mother was battling Ovarian Cancer, my Father was distraught and Marie was very gentle, kind and compassionate to them. They loved her. For me as the trustee/executor of their estate, I was an immediate fan because I could tell that she knew her stuff and yet compared to other attorneys who wanted to redo my parent’s trust for significant fees, Marie used their existing trust and just updated what needed updating. She was totally fair with her fees. I’m in the process of closing out their affairs and I highly recommend working with Marie.
– John

I consulted with Marie about the trustee of my Father’s estate who has acted improperly showing contempt for me and disregard for my Father’s wishes for me. Marie spoke with me after reviewing a detailed document and the Will giving me very detailed and professional understanding of my options in possibly removing the trustee, for FREE, she genuinely cared about my situation. If you’re unlucky enough to have an issue with Wills or Trusts, you can trust her to help in a compassionate way. Too bad there’s only 5 stars in the review, she deserves more.
– David