Safeguard Your Future By Planning Today

Is It Time To Update Your Will And Estate Planning Documents?

Does that will you drafted all those years ago still cover the bases? Probably not. So much can change in 30 years or even five or 10 years. Your asset base. New laws. Family dynamics. Your goals and priorities.

The knowledgeable attorneys at Corliss Law Group, P.C., can revisit your estate plan and recommend changes that reflect your current situation and your new vision for the future. Maybe your dusty old will is simply out-of-date. Or perhaps there’s been a major life change such as divorce or the death of an heir. We review all your documents and help you organize your assets to “get your house in order.”

Bringing Your Old Estate Plan Up To Speed

Our firm has concentrated in estate planning and elder law for over 30 years. We regularly help clients reevaluate and modernize estate plans that were created years and years ago. Our lawyers know what questions to ask and how to identify what is missing or incomplete. We take a comprehensive approach that may include:

Tying It All Together And Wrapping Up Loose Ends

Clients come to us with boxes of old papers. We see trusts that were set up (at considerable expense) yet never funded. Beyond merely revising legal documents, we help clients take stock of their life estates. Our team provides an Excel spreadsheet of all assets, with recommendations for how they should be titled and whether they should be retained.

When we create a living trust, for example, we follow up to verify it has been funded and include a Schedule A list of assets and closure letter for your files. We work hard to ensure your estate plan is buttoned up so that it protects family wealth and functions properly in the event of death or incapacity.

An Outdated Estate Plan Won’t Do The Job

We invite you to arrange an initial meet-and-greet to discuss updates to your will and estate planning documents. Corliss Law Group serves clients in Westchester County, Putnam County, Dutchess County and Manhattan, with offices in Courtland Manor and Mt. Kisco. Call 914-712-6404 or contact us online.